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Skin Care and Magnets
There are numerous ways to maintain healthy skin, prevent breakdown and alleviate symptoms of certain skin conditions and assist in healing the skin when it is affected by disease or injury. Scientific and anecdotal evidence have shown magnetic therapy to assist in all stages of skin care, including maintenance of healthy skin, prevention and healing.

Magnets have been shown to aid in wound healing. Although it is not known exactly how magnets work, there are a number of theories. One of the theories is that magnets increase circulation thereby bringing oxygenated blood and nutrients to the wound and in so helping it heal. Others believe that magnets stimulate wound healing by generating electrical currents in the tissues. The Journal of Wound Care published a study done by an English doctor showing the effectiveness of magnets on healing of ulcers.

Other studies have shown that individuals wearing static magnets not only had a high incidence of healing but a large percentage did not have a recurrence if they continue the use of magnets after the healing had occurred. Plastic surgeons in Boca Raton conducted a double blind study on some of their patients undergoing suction lipectomies. They noted positive results of decrease pain, edema and discoloration postoperatively in a large percentage of the treatment group when compared to the control group.
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Static magnetic therapy has aided in the prevention of skin breakdown. Practitioners theorize that it is due to its effect on improving blood circulation. Utilizing a Magnetic mattresses creates an environment in which the bed bound patient can lie for long periods of time without the consequence of compromised blood flow namely skin breakdown.

Ziporah of Brooklyn NY an individual suffering from the debilitating disease of end stage renal disease was incapacitated by the medical condition and confined to the bed. She reported “I was told that I had high risk of skin breakdown, but I am glad to report that I lay on a magnetic mattress and was thus able to avoid skin breakdown.”

Another client who was debilitated by a devastating disease was Malcolm from Stamford, Connecticut who was diagnosed with Methoselioma or Asbestosis-Lung Cancer. “His doctors were amazed at the condition of his skin, he was bed bound and had a debilitating disease and is skin remained intact and healthy,” said his wife.
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Magnets have also been used to enhance beauty and youthfulness of the skin. When a person ages his facial muscle fibers shrink as well as lose their firmness and elasticity. That causes the skin to wrinkle and acquire lines as it droops and sags. Magnets improve the circulation; help with muscle tone and aid in excretion of wastes from the skin, thus helping the skin look younger and more vibrant.
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