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Skin Care and Magnets: Skin Breakdown Prevention
When intact skin breaks down due to a number of causes it does so in stages. It starts off with discoloration, then superficial loss of skin and ultimately deep sores that reach the bone.

Approx..1 to 1.8 million American people develop new pressure ulcers each year The elderly and persons with spinal cord injury are two groups well known to be at risk for pressure ulcer development. Studies show that the prevalence is higher in nursing home settings than hospitals, however there is some incidence in the home settings. Research is now being conducted to ascertain where it would be most efficient and cost-effective to treat wounds. With telemedicine being introduced, home care is destined to be the ultimate choice.
Though skin can break down for many reasons there are a number of causes that can be managed so that skin break down is prevented.

One major cause of skin breakdown is poor circulation. If blood, oxygen and nutrients do not reach the skin it loses it vitality and overtime dies. There are many factors that affect circulation. Certain diseases like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), or high cholesterol adversely affect the circulation to the skin and make the skin more likely to breakdown.

Another significant factor in skin breakdown is constant pressure especially on a particular site. Bony prominences like hips, lower back, and ankles are more susceptible to skin breakdown. The risk is therefore great in people that are bed bound due to paralysis or debilitating disease.

The best treatment for skin breakdown is its prevention. Though it most effective prior to the development of an ulcer preventative methods as well as different complementary treatments should be utilized in both instances.

Some preventative methods that should be used include the following:

  • A person who is bed bound should have his skin checked at least once a day for any changes in color, temperature, rashes, odor or pain.
  • The bed bound person should be assisted to change positions at least every 2 hours.
  • Keep heels of the bed and knees and ankles apart so they do not touch each other.
  • Lift but do not drag the individual who is unable to help you during a transfer
  • Static magnetic therapy has aided in the prevention of skin breakdown.

Practitioners theorize that it is due to its effect on improving blood circulation. Utilizing a Magnetic mattresses creates an environment in which the bed bound patient can lie for long periods of time without the consequence of compromised blood flow namely skin breakdown.

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