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Boost Your Energy with Magnets
Most Americans start their day with coffee, a stimulant that is geared to boosting their energy. However, like other stimulants that are ingested, the level rises than falls, producing erratic ups and downs. Magnetic therapy increases energy and awareness in a stable and consistent way. Bio Magnetic therapy gives an energy boost and clarity of mind because they work with the body’s physiology and chemistry and not against it like a stimulant.

Two theories explain the phenomenon of increased energy and vitality produced by bio – magnetic energy. First it is theorized that the iron in the blood is affected by magnetic energy, flowing more efficiently throughout the body. Iron is vital in the production of hemoglobin the carrier of oxygen to the cells. The more oxygen is carried to the brain and muscles the greater the vitality and performance of both.

Secondly, magnetic therapy improves the circulation of blood which brings important nutrients to the cells and eliminates the toxins.

Magnetic therapy not only helps boosts energy for those who desire to add stamina and vitality to their lives, but it also helps those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a disorder that is characterized by a persistent debilitating fatigue and total lack of energy which is not overcome by bed rest. Utilizing magnetic energy by either placing magnets on specific points in the body or drinking magnetized water releases the toxins and boosts the energy levels in the body. Chinese health practitioners, who believe that chronic fatigue syndrome is caused by a disruption of the Qi (life energy) flow through the body, often utilize magnets in conjunction with acupuncture for treatment. In fact, many qualified Chinese practitioners recommend the use of magnets as part of a comprehensive plan that includes herbs, diet, qigong and acupuncture to boost energy levels.

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