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Magnets for Athletes – Professionals and Amateurs
Many sport people experience pain and stiffness following extended periods of exercise often caused by excess lactic acid produced by the body. In order to neutralize the effect of the acid the pH level of the cells must be restored. This is achieved through the movement of electrons in and out of the cell. Studies have shown that Magnet therapy promotes this movement.

Other researchers have theorized that magnetic energy prompts an ionic current in the blood stream and increases circulation, and the result is stimulated healing.

In addition, there are studies that posit that magnetic fields increase blood circulation in injured tissue and encourage healing. Magnets relax the capillary walls and surrounding muscle tissue thereby increasing blood flow to the injury site. As more blood flows oxygen and other nutrients are carried to the injury site while the toxins are removed.

Historically magnets were utilized in Greece by the original Olympians.

In modern times, many Summer Olympians have used magnets for pain relief. Since magnets alleviate pain without systemic effects, the athletes were more apt to use them rather than take medications that might disqualify them.

Many American professional athletes in fields such as football, baseball, tennis and golf have experienced pain relief utilizing magnetic therapy. A number of them have publicly endorsed magnetic therapy, touting its great efficacy.

Golfers often experience back injuries or strains, causing pain that radiates to the hip. This makes it difficult for them to follow through when hitting the ball, bend down to retrieve a ball, or even walk the golf course. Many golfers have turned to magnetic therapy to alleviate their pain that curtailed their enjoyment of the game. Over 70% of the senior tournament golfers are believed to utilize magnets.

Tennis players have suffered “tennis elbow”(also known as lateral epicondyitis) which is one of several repetitive injuries that can affect the elbow. The pain stems primarily from the point where the tendon of the forearm muscle attaches to the outside of the elbow. It can radiate to the forearm and into the wrist. Magnetic tennis elbow braces have been shown to relieve moderate tennis elbow pain, ease strain on the tendon and speed healing so arm function is restored faster.

The Japanese have been using magnetic therapy for years to alleviate pain and swelling as well as for other therapeutic reasons. A Japanese baseball player brought the concept with him the United States and is now using magnets while playing the game, reporting amazing results.

New Zealand is another country whose athletes utilize magnetic products. Athletes from such diverse sports as Kayaking, triathlons, and rugby have experienced great results from magnets.

Though the Federal Food and Drug Administration has not approved magnetic therapy, it does consider the magnets as generally safe with no side effects. The National Institute of Health is funding studies to ascertain the effectiveness of magnetic therapy. Many professional athletes today are not waiting for the results of the scientific studies; and are enjoying the benefits of pain and inflammation relief afforded them by magnetic therapy. In addition, these athletes are utilizing health practitioners who incorporate magnetic therapy as an adjunct to conventional therapies for such sports injuries as: football shoulder injuries, rotator cuff injuries, knee injuries, pulled muscles, bruising, and others. They are often encouraged to do so by their trainers and fellow athletes who have experienced the positive results of magnetic therapy.

Just like the athletes, millions of Americans believe in the therapeutic effects of bio-magnetics. Many have incorporated it into their exercise routines, noting that their energy levels are boosted and their recovery rate after exercise greatly improve. Others have noticed that using magnets during exercise enhanced their flexibility and improved their muscle stability. Magnetic exercise or yoga pads were noted to restores body energy rapidly while increasing circulation during yoga and exercise.

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